Webinar 6 attracted more than 60 participants, including lecturers and academics from 25 universities, colleges, and civil society groups, demonstrating that SL/CEL research is a hot topic. Many educators shared their experiences with research initiatives, government programs, NGOs, commercial organizations, and even municipal governments.
Assoc. Tran Thi Thu Ha (University of Agriculture and Forestry-Hue University) helped the participating scholars introduce the “development process-principles and methods of the Approach of Community-Based Participatory Research (CBR),” “Research ethics” and “implementing CBR for students with funding from outside the budget” through two presentations in the webinar.
“The faculty and students’ passion, devotion, and excitement not only bring education closer to the community and have a more direct approach, but they also assist instructors and students in overcoming financial hurdles.”
Following that, MSc. Le Thi Thu Huong (Danang Architecture University) and MSc. Nguyen Hong An (Hoa Sen University) presented case studies on topics such as “community-based tourism branding” and “researching psychological health”. The talk assisted researchers in a better understanding of CBR, bringing in fresh ideas for developing effective SL/CEL studies.