– We promote engaged scholarship including engaged researches, teaching, engaged projects, engaged higher education institutions;

– We help building partnerships between faculties, universities, community organizations, coporates and government entities locally and globally in addressing the community issues and meeting the local needs.

– We promote the institutionalisation of community engaged learning into the mainstream academic programs in higher education with community-engaged scholarship programs, supporting faculties with curriculum guides, research and knowledge hubs, best practices sharing, and evaluation.

– We provide students with preparations for being engaged to community and transforming them into future generations with transferrable skills and global citizenship.

– We empower community organizations for partnering/working with other stakeholders and higher education institutions while addressing their needs.

– We open dialogs between higher education institutions, community organizations and public entities for bringing higher education closer to public causes and for better policy making

– We raise awareness about community engagement and mobilize contributions among philanthropic organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals for public purposes through sponsoring engaged scholarship programs.