Vietnam Campus Engage is a non-profit organization founded in 2018.

We are a resource center for the Vietnamese universities which are committed to advance civic education for social transformation.

Our mission: To foster the environment for the development of community engaged learning and for addressing the needs of community by building capacity and partnerships and opening dialogues between higher education institutions, faculties, students, community organizations, corporate and public entities while yearning for a better and sustainable society for all.

Our Vision: We envision community engagement and global citizenship education as a vehicle for transforming our society.

An orientation for students before a community engaged-learning activities at Van Lang UniversityVietnam Campus Engage supports building partnership with community and designing project – June 2020

Vietnam is still a developing country, and Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Learning is a very new concept in Vietnam – it’s only been within some years that it has started to emerge as an important part of college curriculum. For many years, education in Vietnam, particularly higher education, has been considered “being in its ivory tower”, mostly separated from community and social issues/needs. Volunteer activities, if any, are associated with youth movements, rather than the mission of higher education or being connected with civic engagement. The intellectual and learning values of these activities have not been taken into account. Faculties’ members and students consider communities as their “experimental places” rather than co-educators.

Meeting with Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Recently, more and more universities realized the huge values of Service-Learning/Community-Engaged Learning to their students, to the quality of education in their institutions and to the society. Vietnam Campus Engage was found to meet the need of a resource center for the engaged universities, to bridge campus to community, be a vehicle for social and generation transformation.

Practicing assisting people with disabilities

Vietnam Campus Engage aims to build social justice by mobilizing resources and intellectuals from universities to most vulnerable groups and communities, providing campuses resources for capacity building in developing Service-Learning/Community Engaged Learning curriculum and practicing; being a hub to share knowledge, best practices/models, community service-learning opportunities and needs; as well as fostering engaged research. Most importantly, the partnerships will bring out community’s voice and open dialogues between different stake-holders for better policy making; and nurture transforming generations who are more social responsible and caring about the world’s sustainability.