Webinar 2 “Defining community needs and designing a SL/CEL activities” includes 3 presentations:

  • Designing a SL/CEL activity (MSc. Tran Thi Thanh Huong is Founder and Executive Director of VCE)
  • Create SL/CEL activities for an engineering summer camp (Dr. Pham Ngoc Nhan is a lecturer at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City at Vinh Long)
  • Creating SL/CEL activities for the topic “Building a Green Community” (MSc. Nguyen Hoang Tuan is a lecturer at Hoa Sen University)

The webinar also received various shares and questions on the design SL/CEL activities, including the steps to build the program, the difficulties and challenges of integrating SL/CEL into the subjects, and the experience of working with community partners from lecturers around the country.